You’re Not Original

It seems to me that the biggest obstacle to doing something is the fear that someone else has already done it better. If that limiting self evaluation is dampening your fire, let me assure you: of course they have.

But that shouldn’t stop you. Don’t worry that it’s already been said; the truest things usually have: but it hasn’t been said by you. Don’t worry that it’s already been made, produced or otherwise expressed: if there’s a demand for that service, your unique brand will speak to a fraction of the audience, and a fraction is all you need. And if it turns out there isn’t a demand, doing the thing will inspire the next thing. There needs to be a thing. Otherwise we’re just catatonic keys on culture’s accordion.

When I got into mindfulness, I didn’t read Ramdas and call it a day. When I explored nutrition’s role in mindset, I didn’t listen to The Model Health Show and presume Shawn Stevenson was the only smart guy ever to think about nutrigenomics. When I realized how hard I could nerd out about biomechanics, I didn’t settle on Katy Bowman as the only teacher to vary loads in movement. You likely have no idea who any of these people are, but the point is that people like to obsess over their interests and seek multiple perspectives.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have a fresh spin on what’s already out there, you’re being obtuse. It’s a fucking miracle that you’re even breathing; consider the odds of the exact sperm inseminating the exact egg at the exact moment you were created. There’s no one else like you on the planet. There never has been before and there never will be again. We may seem like bovine facsimiles of one another, and we are at times (that’s how marketing works), but there is always an ineffable distinguishing quality. Once you’ve honed in on your signature note, all you have to do is consistently give off that vibration and you’ll attract a symphony.

At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Why do creative people think they need to be geniuses to put something forward? We would never demand an Olympian for our personal trainer or a Mensa member for our accountant, so why are artists so terrified of mundanity? Most people are mediocre, that’s literally the definition. There are billions of us on this expanding blue dot and the majority of us have to work despite being totally unexceptional.

You’re a beautiful, magical snowflake and also an average, ass-scratching meat puddle. It’s confusing, I know.


Your pedestrian earthly cohabitant,


How do you justify your craft? Or are you evolved enough not to have to validate yourself to yourself every second of the day? #learning

*The mosaic, Eudaimonia, is a Greek word often translated as “happiness through flourishing” and refers to beauty well-lived.

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