Harriet here: blogger, artist, yogini, oily enthusiast.

Embodied Will means knowing what you want (will) and choosing to embody that desire long before it’s a reality in your lifeUntitled design-2. This blog is for the person who can admit the magnanimous power of the mind, but will definitely laugh out loud when hearing or saying an affirmation; the person who would never actually read a self help book, but might find value in the condensed cliff notes; the person who doesn’t need to take herself too seriously to have goals in life.

Finally, this blog is meant to bridge the gap between where you might be right now and what other health and wellness advocates might be spewing. When I was in the depths of my depression, reading words that were meant to be inspirational were often discouraging because they were so far from tangible. My voice is uplifting, but it’s also funny, entertaining, and has a backbone in reality. I’ll throw out some “woo-woo” concepts, but I’m willing to curse, I know how shitty life can be, and I’ll never lead you to believe that transformation happens overnight.

I’m not the girl who can’t get out of bed in the morning anymore, and I don’t plan on going back there, but I’m not so divorced from that reality that I can’t understand what it’s like to feel dead inside. So if you want to punch motivational speakers in the face more often than not, check this out, it may be more your speed.

I don’t mean to undermine my healing; I really have transformed from a weepy, visionless nacho receptacle into someone who literally cannot imagine ever being depressed again. I’m energetic, motivated, and [mostly] in control. And I did it naturally. This blog will chronicle some of my best tips to reclaim ownership of your mind, rewrite stale patterning, and start living the life that serves you.

I love each and every one of you. For real.